December 27, 2011

Massena Named on of Australia's Top Twenty Best Value Producers for 2011

In the December 2011 Issue of Wine Advocate, Lisa Perotti-Brown, MW notes, There’s been a massive culling of extraneous wines from Australia’s value offerings in the last couple of years."  She goes on to say, "Most of the good value brands that have survived offer a level of character, complexity and regionality that in my view blow the competition from similarly priced wines from other countries clean out of the water...."  She then lists her selection of 20 wineries that represent the best values from this past year.  Download the attachment to read more.

November 14, 2011

2-sided Summary Sheet for Glaetzer Brand

An excellent piece when showing Glaetzer wines at a tasting or a terrific leave behind.  Download and print to a 2-sided page.  Done!