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McLaren Vale
McLaren Vale

Shadow Chaser

McLaren Vale, South Australia

At Epicurean Wines we are fortunate to have access to Australia's best. Shadow Chaser allows us to capture the best values from each vintage, delivering them to our customers at a great price. The varietal might change but the quality to price ratio will remain consistent. Our goal will always be exceptional quality at an optimal price point.

on the wing
of the beach blue seas
above a purple sky
scattered sea shells 
shelter us of life below the sun



Shadow Chaser Red one of the most interested wine labels at Aspen Food and Wine »

We knew we were looking good in Aspen this year and we are thrilled that others took note as well.  Namely with a look at some of the most interesting labels spotted at this year's event.  Scroll through this link and you will find that Shadow Chaser Red made the very limited cut: